Loy Krathong 2021

In mid November PayPal released a statement concerning PayPal’s relaunch in Thailand.
— “There will be some changes to your account. Only registered Thai businesses will be able to receive money and hold a balance. All other users will only be able to make payments.” —
What this means is that, since only a Thai national can own a business in Thailand, I can no longer sell prints of my photography online through my normal channels. My two main websites were Fine Art America and PhotoShelter. Fine art America can only make payments for sales through PayPal, and PhotoShelter can only pay through PayPal or Stripe (which requires the user to own an American business).
This forced me to close my Fine Art America account after ten years, and remove the ability for visitors to make purchases through PhotoShelter.
However, I refuse to allow the politics of the day to close down my business. Going forward selling my work online will be more labor intensive on my part, and require more work for the customer as well, but I refuse to give in, or give up. If you are interested in purchasing a print from me, please use the contact form and we can start the process. The purchase will require you to transfer funds directly to my Thai bank, and then I will have your print drop shipped to you through my lab, which is considered one of the finest photo labs anywhere. Please contact me for more details.
Thank you!

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