The Weekly’s

In late July I changed the way I was using Social Media. I have been on the main Social Media websites for over 10 years, and in fact was the Social Medial Manager for the Command Public Affairs Office in Iraq. The policies I initiated in Iraq were to post 3 times a day. This was to generate followers and keep people informed about the war in a timely manner. I carried this philosophy over into my personal Social Media activity. Sometimes more, but never less than 3 posts a day. This brought me several thousand followers on Facebook. OK that is good and I appreciate the fans, but something mental happened when I celebrated my 70th birthday. My love for photography did not diminish, but the ego driven need for “likes” and followers disappeared. Also, we were almost a year into a pandemic that made travel not only unwise, but not allowed at times by the Government of Thailand. So suddenly like many photographers in the age of COVID-19 I was trapped at home. During these frequent forced lockdowns and travel restrictions I began to look at the quality of my work, and how the pressure of posting daily on Social media was affecting it. I made the decision that less was more, and started posting my work once a week. I am reminded of the quote by Ansel Adams – “12 significant photos in one year is a good crop”. I believe that is a true statement. So if 12 images are a good crop, are several hundred a better crop? Significant is the key word here. How many of these hundreds of photos posted on my Social Media accounts are significant? Well … in truth we are back to the original number. So, while I will probably never only post 12 images a year on Social Media, I am substantially cutting back to one grouping of new photos posted every monday on Facebook. I plan to do the same on my blog.

In this first introductory post of the weekly, I’ll catch up a bit.

The week of July 19-25, 2021.

The week of July 25-Aug 01, 2021.

The week of Aug 02-08, 2021.

The week of Aug 09-15, 2021.

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