Transplanting Rice

June 22, 2020.

Each year for the past 9 years I have photographed a woman in the fields of Nakhon Nayok, Thailand planting rice. Sometimes with help from neighbors, but most times by herself. She is always outfitted for the task at hand with rubber boots, a Thai hat, and clothing that protects her from the intense 89 degree Thai sun. She will continue planting until 20 Rai of land is filled with young rice plants.

Her name is Siri. She is 69 years old, a mother to 9 children and many grandchildren. She is the Matriarch of a large family.
I have photographed her in good light, bad light and everything in between. Today is a somewhere in between. At 11:00 AM, the sun is high, but there are a few clouds.

What I’m doing today is the seldom talked about aspect of a long term documentary project. The job is to photograph what is happening, everyday life, so you end up sometimes photographing the same thing year after year, trying to find a new angle or just trying to do it a little better than before. You know if you keep at it, something different will happen, a great image is out there waiting for you, it’s just a matter of being patient.
Maybe there will be an extraordinary shot that will happen later today, or tomorrow or “tomorrow’s, tomorrow” as my Thai wife would say.

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